Online Course Case Study: 

How our client scaled her monthly revenue from

$30K to CONSISTENT multiple 6 figures…

in only 7 months’ time!

The Challenge

Alison J. Prince understood the importance of offloading the tremendous strain of Facebook Ads to someone else. However, she discovered that many of the agencies she reached out to only dealt with the ads themselves; they did not provide feedback on all the integrated pieces of the funnel that would be critical to generating a high ROI. She knew that working with an agency that led with strategy and had great communication around every point of conversion would be the only way she could see massive growth in her offer.

The Market

Alison’s target market was mainly stay-at-home moms who were not yet aware that they wanted to get started in e-commerce. The fact that they were very price-sensitive posed a challenge, since moms are not used to investing in training courses or in themselves — they’d much rather spend on their little ones! We knew that hitting her audience with a direct call to “opt-in” would not be effective. Instead, it would take quite a bit of groundwork to build an engaged audience and warm them up with stories and solid training before they would be ready to purchase. With such a steep price objection to climb, there was very little room for error, and testing would be incredibly important to see which variations spoke to her audience.

Why She Chose Us

Alison began selling her online course (which taught how to start an ecommerce store) via live webinars, and immediately saw the tremendous interest and potential. She was profitably bringing in around 30K/month and wanted to transition to an evergreen webinar as soon as possible.

Facebook ads were a heavy burden to her because of her constant worry that they could be doing better and that money was being wasted. They were frustrating because of the unpredictable results — good one day, bad the next. She wanted to let go of running the ads herself so she could focus on other aspects of growing the business.

Alison understood the importance of bringing on a proven team that would lead with strategy, help with each point of conversion for maximum ROI, provide massive growth for her offer and clearly communicate results so she would always know what was happening and not have to worry about her Facebook ads. This took a tremendous weight off her shoulders.

Original REVENUE

Total Combined Revenue


The Results

Since we began working with Alison, her online course sales have skyrocketed. Within just 6 weeks she saw a 180% increase and a few weeks later we were consistently hitting her dream goal of 6-figures a month! But it didn’t stop there. Just 3 months later we surpassed $200K a month and within 9 months, Alison’s revenue hit $400,000 a month from her online course. 

More Than Just The Numbers…


Ensured all ads and funnel assets spoke to the people Alison felt most called to serve.


Allowed Alison to impact on a larger scale in a niche that brought her true joy and passion because she was training other women to become entrepreneurs.


The success of her online course created a demand for Alison to begin doing public speaking and her own live events. Her first live event sold out in just a number of hours!


To date, Alison has inspired and empowered 4,298 students to create their own online stores. Some of her students have even produced over $100K in revenue themselves as a result of Alison’s course.

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